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The 911 Cost Advantage:


Have specific tasks performed for a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer or developer.

Typically to get a virtual developer, you need to hire them at a minimum of $2000.00 per month. every month, even if all of the time was not used. What we have done, is broken that time down to specific tasks. No minimum, no fees, no contract. Get what you need done as you need it, and for an affordable cost. You even have direct contact with a dedicated specialists. That's even better, as they already know how to do the work, it takes them less time and saves you even more money. Time is money, whether its your time, (which is never free), or our time. And you can keep your virtual developer as your personal staff, forever, by auto renewing every month.

Ideal for the Professional and the DIY (Do it Yourself)


NOTE: if requested tasks are outside of the scope of hours purchased, you will be given the option to upgrade or a quote.


Why 911WebsiteRepair

Having 15 years experience in internet development, we have found that many do it yourselfer's just need  occasional help to get past a roadblock they may have in their skill sets. Here they can get the specific task they need help with for a fraction of the cost of hiring a development firm or full time developer.

What's The Value Of Your Time:

You can spend hours searching forums and discussion groups to learn how to complete tasks beyond your abilities. Measure the value of all of that time. Many of those tasks can be completed in minutes by our virtual staff.

Scripting Languages: (includes but not limited to)


So, lets start with where my tag line of  "What is the value of you time" can from. I personally have been involved in web development for years, doing everything myself. I found that instead of having time for finding more clients, or spending it with the family, I was scrapping the forums and discussion groups to solve site errors and problems that were beyond my capabilities. This took hours to find the solutions, and usually minutes to implement once found. This was just not a good use of my time. Then I started to outsource my development. All of a sudden, problems were solved in minutes, or they just never even happened. My time was freed up. I had time to be more creative and develop better business relationships. I could handle more clients. Of course, all of this came at a price. BY the advantages more than compensated for them. So, all that time I spent search and learning, was costing me money, more money that it cost to have a virtual develop work for me. So that Is why we have 911 Website Repair. I can now share with you all that I have learned and gained, at the fraction of the cost.





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