Full website Development And Customizations

Full website Development And Customizations

Start Your Own Turnkey Website Business

 WE CAN BE THE BACK END TECH TEAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS. We can assist you with starting your own turnkey website repair, design and developer business. You do not need to know any programming. Find your customers and simply hire our joomla programming staff as your own. We are completely white label. Hire by the hour or month, purchase just enough programmer time as needed. No contract, your the boss and our staff is yours. CALL US AT 860-294-2444 and we will help you get your own business started. Work at home, Charge what you want, Keep your own hours, Low over head, LOW costs, Find your own customers, Set your own rates, We offer customer support through our ticket system. Become a WEBSITE DEVELOPER!





How Your Website Design Business Works

  • You start and create your own business. (we recommend you incorporate, but that's up to you)

  • You find your customers. Take their projects and submit to 911websiterepair for a quote.

  • We give you a price and time quote for your customers which you markup any amount you wish

  • You then purchase programming time from for your customers projects.

  • You manage the project programmer and tasks using our ticket system and if needed, skype.

  • If you need help, you can call us at 860-294-2444 (10am to 4pm EST M-F).

  • Your customers work directly with you, and never come in contact with our staff. They think your the guru.

  • Use open source technologies such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Virtuemart, OScommerce, Magento with commerically available templates 

  • We will take care of programmer skills, work stations, salary, HR, taxes and other related issues.

To have your own dedicated programmer, you will have a minimum commitment of 1280.00 per month. You can charge what ever you wish and keep the difference. You can add more programmers as you grow, making your business scalable without a huge initial investment. You can order your dedicated programmer by the month, or have automatic monthly renewals. This rate will provide you with a full time dedicated programmer that can handle most tasks. Programmers with higher skill levels are available at additional rates and may be needed for more complex projects.

Get started today, call us and get your questions answered so you can start your business. call 860-294-2444, or skype us at mjones1256


Your responsibilites include

1) incorporating your business
2) we are a 3rd party service provider, and as such, you carry all liability with your clients and indemnify, its staff and 3rd party associations from all harm
3) please read our work conditions here, as well as our terms of service, privacy policy, and refund policy.



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Browser Optimization Compatibility Service Plan

Specializing in browser compatibility and browser optimization for the popular content manage systems of joomla, wordpress and drupal. Browsers include google crome, IE 6 7 8 9, firefox, opera, and safari browsers.

Make your site work consistently in all top browsers.
Your website will function the way you designed it to.



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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Get better ranking through organic search.

More traffic, more sales, more results.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your site's relevancy for a set of targeted keywords.  But before you can even think about your relevancy on the search engines, you need to take the basic steps to optimize your website. This is called "onsite optimization". If the spiders cannot crawl your site, find the basic infrastructure they need, or the correct formating and coding, they will leave, your site will be penalized, and you will get nothing for your keyword efforts. There are rules for getting your site crawled and indexed, follow those rules and you can do quite well, not following the rules can get your websites URL penalized, and even removed from the search engines index. Our optimization work has been successful in removing site penalties and getting site bans removed. 

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repair hacked joomla website - repair hacked wordpress - repair hacked drupal website



Recently your website was hacked. What that means is some idiot took your website down and all you could see was a white screen...OR WORSE. You now have a malware penalty on google. Your business is virtually gone. You immediately got in touch with your hosting company and let me guess.  They were the MOST UNHELPFUL JERKS you ever met!!.  
Problem #1
you could not talk to a live person!
Problem #2
you could only communicate by email.
Problem #3
 they spoke another language and used terms you've never heard of, and your in the website business!
Problem #4 They said it is your problem


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Contact Information

Interwebshop Internet Business Services LLC
dba 911WebsiteRepair .com

P.O Box 812
Torrington, Connecticut. USA 06790
Email: info(at)911websiterepair(dot)com


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