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Recently your website was hacked. What that means is some idiot took your website down and all you could see was a white screen...OR WORSE. You now have a malware penalty on google. Your business is virtually gone. You immediately got in touch with your hosting company and let me guess.  They were the MOST UNHELPFUL JERKS you ever met!!.  
Problem #1
you could not talk to a live person!
Problem #2
you could only communicate by email.
Problem #3
 they spoke another language and used terms you've never heard of, and your in the website business!
Problem #4 They said it is your problem



We will answer the phone during working hours, reply to your email, give you direct access to a programmer through our ticket system and/or skype, explain everything to you in terms you understand, secure your site as best possible and give you a path forward.

 Hacked websites are a daily occurance for us. We get calls daily from frustrated, angry and upset people who have had their website hacked, loaded with malware, and penalized on google. We do know how to help you, but it is not always the quick fix that your looking for. We can generally remove the contamination and get your site back online with in 24 hours, and improve security within a few days. Removal of the google penalty is contingent on how fast google reacts to the request for the site to be checked again.


$255.00 Flat Rate Hacking Assessment and Repair


  • damage and solution assessment
  • communication with client by phone, skype and ticket system
  • removal of the malware and or virus's
  • best efforts to get the site live with in 24 working hours.
  • up to 12 hours of experienced programmer time
  • add additional website security  (3rd party commercial extension extra)
  • restoration from your backup (if available)
  • install rsfirewall and configure (joomla only)
  • install and instruct in the use of akeeba manual backups (joomla only)
  • provide a quote for the website to be upgraded to the latest secure versions possible
  • Identify the root entry of the attack and offer suggestions to secure
  • provide expedited priority assistance
  • Price includes not just time, but experience and expedited service



 exception note : Most websites can be fixed within the time alloted, but in severe cases websites are completely and irreversible destroyed. If that is the case, and you do not have a working backup, we will quote to rebuild your website with the latest in security releases. Any third party commercial extensions needed to secure the website are not included. Also please note. Anything not working or broken prior to the hacking will still not work. we will quote for fixing pre-existing conditions.



OUR PROCESS: assess - communicate - advise - repair - lock down and secure - plan ahead

joomla-security-developer-nepalWe cannot determine how the hack was done and if any real damage was done without access to the hacked joomla website.

Access to the site via administrator and ftp is required so we can do an analysis. This will at least give us an idea of what we are looking at. If we cannot determine the exact hack that is involved, we need to do a blind quote.


For 255.00 (12 hours) we will assess the hack, determine the integrity of the site, and attempt to remove the hacks. If the hacker did not destroy files or functionality, we can typically restore the site within 24 working hours and this price. Our goal is to restore, buit that is not always possible.  If the site cannot be fixed within the 12 hours, we will create a plan to repair and submit a quote. Note we did not say restore. If the site was severely damaged and core files have been corrupted or deleted, restoration may not be possible with out a current back up of the site from before the hack. If during this time period we cannot fix the site, we will provide a quote for rebuilding, upgrading, or to get the site working in some reasonable manor as quickly as possible.

If you have a backup of the site, we will restore the site with that backup within the 12 hour purchased. Hopefully you did not rely on your hosting company for backups. All joomla websites should be using Akeeba backup and downloading and storing the backups on their local hard drive on a regular basis just for these unfortunate events. Please note, this will restore the site to the way it was when the backup was made.  Any part of the site that is broken in the back up or before the hack, will still be broken as they were not related to the hacking. As we do fix website, we would be happy to quote for these repairs separately.

But just getting your website back on line is not enough. The vulnerabilities of the website still exist and your site will most likely be hacked again. At this point we need to secure your site as best possible. Please note again, their is no such thing as a 100% secure and hack proof website. Best effort have to be taken and are really quite effective. Immediate security measues would be to add a software firewall such as rsfirewall. (you need to purchase separately, but we will install and configure).

Next we need to increase the standard 2D user authentication to 4D user authentication. 2D consists of username and password, 4D consists of username, password, capcha and a htaccess white list by IP for site administrators. All four must agree to gain access to the sites backend.

All passwords have to be changed and the admin (user 62) needs to be changed or disabled.

This will buy time for us to make further recommenedation, quote for ther work, and discuss with the site owner. In most cases the website needs to be upgraded to the latest version of joomla. Consideration needs to be taken into account, such as was the current site customized, as these will be lost in the update. Next are all the components, modules and plugins aviabale that were used on the old site for the new updated site. Another consideration to take is the template.  If you have a scratch built custom template, it would need to be rebuilt from scratch, especially if the old template was built using tables, as the use of css would be much more secure. Depending on the complexity of the website, the upgrade cost will start at 1280.00 and can take several weeks. While the new site is being built, the old site will be maintained, backed up often, and easy to restore until the new site is completed.


    APPLY FOR A QUOTE ONLY or call us at 860-294-2444



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