Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Get better ranking through organic search.

More traffic, more sales, more results.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your site's relevancy for a set of targeted keywords.  But before you can even think about your relevancy on the search engines, you need to take the basic steps to optimize your website. This is called "onsite optimization". If the spiders cannot crawl your site, find the basic infrastructure they need, or the correct formating and coding, they will leave, your site will be penalized, and you will get nothing for your keyword efforts. There are rules for getting your site crawled and indexed, follow those rules and you can do quite well, not following the rules can get your websites URL penalized, and even removed from the search engines index. Our optimization work has been successful in removing site penalties and getting site bans removed. 

 Fortunately many popular CMS systems, such and joomla and wordpress, can be optimized for crawling with the addition of components, modules and plugins. Unfortuantely CMS system do not do so well out of the box. We will optimize your site for SEF url rewriting, cannonical redirects (non-www to www), set up dynamically generated meta tags, and manual overrides for meta tags, format your pages and titles based on what the SE's need. Make sure you do not have duplications in pages, meta and titles. We also make recommendations on content and content formating as the search engines would need, set up and submit your sitemaps, as well as search engine webmaster and validation setup, and much, much more. Many times a server hosting setup alone can be an abstruction to optimum search engine crawling. If the site is not condusive to spiders, than you may not only have poor rankings, you may not be indexed at all.

 Only when your onsite optimization is completed, should you consider all the aspects of off site optimization. That is a full time commitment and you should not do it unless you have the budget to support it. Thus, we only do onsite optimization. In many cases, onsite optimization will improve your rankings significantly. In the end, the real truth is, he who spends the most, gets the best ranks. Do not consider off site optimization until onsite work is done.

Choose a package below that is best suited for your web development needs*

Onsite Optimization Tasks include:

  • Installation and configuration of CMS specific SEO components, modules and or plug-in (does not include cost of actual extension)
  • Home Page Optimization
  • Pages Optimization
  • Keyword Phrase Optimization
  • Unique Keywords Optimized
  • Alt Tags Optimized (images tags)
  • Header And Footer Text Optimization
  • Title and Meta Tags Optimized
  • Textual Content Optimized
  • Robots.txt Installation
  • Sitemaps Created and Submitted (XML, HTML)
  • Keyword research & Analysis (KEI)
  • Site Navigation Optimization (Create Text Navigation If Needed)
  • URL Rewrite (SEF URLS - Mod Rewrite)
  • Competitive Ranking Analysis
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing Verification
  • Server optimization (depends on host) 

 Our services do not include:

  • Linking strategies
  • Link submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Pay per click programs
  • Email marketing
  • Content writing
  • Artical submissions
  • Social media management

Services are first round optimization only, for ongoing services please ask us about our recurring monthly subscription services. Even onsite optimization should be "tuned up" every few months or so.

*Service is not available for .net, VB (visual basic) or .asp environments
NOTE: we do not provide link building or social media marketing. This is on page, on site, formatting and optimization for the search engines. Does not include paid per click, google ads, or other paid for services.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Can't I just rely on PPC for search results?
Pay-per-click advertising has its benefits however, the majority (70%) of search engine users click organic listings over paid listings. Additionally, 37% of search engine users associate the first organic listing as the industry or category leader.

What are White Hat/Black Hat Techniques?
White Hat SEO involves editing content, removing barriers, and changing code for the purpose of making a website more attractive to search engines indexing activities. These are considered legitimate practices, endorsed by the search engines themselves, and will result in higher page rankings.

Black Hat SEO uses such techniques as link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning to artificially increase a website's page rank for a time until the search engines detect the deceit. They are frowned upon because they compromise the relevance of search results and the quality of the user-experience. Websites that employ Black Hat SEO run the risk of being penalized and even banned from search engines.

Do I need to put a different title tag on every page of my site?
Yes, along with description and keyword tags. All other tags are unnecessary and can actually cause penalties to be imposed.

How important is the keyword tag?
Not very (Google ignores it), but if you use it, it needs to relate specifically to the content of the page in order to avoid penalties.

If I build two websites that are clones each other in content, but have different keywords and meta tags. Will this help my chances for ranking?
No! Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines state that you should not submit sites with mirrored content. Violating this rule will likely get one or both sites permanently banned.

What kind of results should I expect to see from SEO & in what timeframe?
For a brand new site, it can take a few months for the search engines to index the changes. But for an existing site it can be as quickly as 24 hours up to two weeks.

Do you submit my site the search engines?
No. And you shouldn't either. Your site needs to be crawled by a search engine from a link on a well-ranked related site. Never submit to search engines, link farms, link programs, or directories or your site could be penalized. And they crawl each other, so get in one and eventually you will be in all.

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